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Fundraising event April 12th

ARTIST Carol Rashawnna Williams Designs CAMPFIRE STORIES CENTER PIECES AND STAGE SET on view at the Sustainability Leadership Awards Friday April 12 at 6:30pm

LOCATION: 415 Westlake

415 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109


'First Thursday Art Party'



Location: i5 Pho

Pioneer Square, Seattle, WA

213 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

9pm - til midnight


Carol recieves 2019 Scholarship Award to Common Field

What is Common Field?

Common Field is a National Network of  independent arts organizations and organizers.



Common Field connects, supports and advocates for the artist-centered field by providing a network for independent arts organizations and organizers.



Common Field is a national network of independent visual arts organizations and organizers that connects, supports, and advocates for the artist-centered field. Founded in 2013 and launched in 2015, the Common Field network has 700+ members across 43 states. Programs include national convenings, grants, research, resources, forums, meet-ups and advocacy. Our vision is to increase understanding, involvement and knowledge of artists organizations and their value, and increase their capacity through national connectivity, dialog understanding and support.

Common Field’s network includes contemporary, experimental, noncommercial artist-centric organizations and organizers including alternative art spaces, publications, digital exhibition venues, residencies, platforms, collectives, collaboratives, and individual organizers. These projects and spaces provide interdisciplinary and hybrid forms for art production, reception, and exchange. They generate independent, responsive, grassroots, artist-centered cultures. They support artists, connect artists with the public in intimate, experimental, and generative ways, and they are deeply involved in the shape and characters of the contexts where they work. Our members stimulate ideas, imagination, and innovation in their communities.




  • Creating broad public visibility for artist organizations and organizers

  • Articulating the common practices and values of visual arts organizing

  • Sharing histories and stories of the field

  • Facilitating forums for convening, peer-to-peer knowledge, and exchange across geographies and communities

  • Providing platforms for resources, tools, and advocacy

  • Demonstrating responsive, diverse, and accessible approaches to creative production

Group Exhibition at the Kirkland Arts Center

Capability is a meditation on gun culture and gun violence in the United States. Artists from the local and national community reflect on the multi-faceted ways in which guns have woven themselves into our cultural identity. Capability uses compassion and empathy to dissect the historical and contemporary contexts that address the questions: How did we get here? How do we move forward?

Featuring Scott Horn, Holly Ballard Martz, Carol Rashawnna, and many more, Capability asks the viewer to contend with our national history and our personal identities. What are we capable of doing as individuals? What are we capable of allowing as a nation? How can we talk about these problems without vilifying the “other side” – whomever that means?

The themes with which we frame gun violence have changed throughout the 21st century, but guns have continued to be a focal point in our art making as our society grapples what their place is in this contemporaneous moment. What makes “Capability” different is that it ties multiple themes together. Instead of treating police brutality, suicide, mass shootings, hunting, masculinity, and more, as separate issues, it looks at the way that gun use and gun violence are threads that link together these strands in our society.

This exhibit is in partnership with the UW Emerging Curator Initiative (ECI). ECI allows Museology students develop exhibit concepts, and one student is selected to curate their concept through a show at the Kirkland Arts Center.


  • Maggie DeFranco, UW Museology Graduate Student, Class of 2019

Featured Artists

  • Meaghan Kelly

  • David Sokal

  • Carol Rashawnna

  • Emily Erb

  • Scott Horn

  • Holly Ballard Martz

  • Chris Buening

  • Emma Petersky

  • Melanie Reed

Opening Reception

Friday, March 22th, 2018 at 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Free to the public. Meet the artists and curator. $5 wine and beer.





  • PERSONAL STORIES: 85% of those killed by gun violence are black Americans and youth. These are my personal stories related to gun violence.

  • LEGACY-ASSASSINATIONS: We as Americans forget there is a legacy related to guns in the African American community & that legacy started with slavery, and slaves not being allowed gun right privileges.

  • IN THE NEWS: These are the contemporary stories portrayed in our news media.

  • COWRY SHELLS: Traditionally, in Africa, these shells were used as a form of currency to trade goods. Guns traditionally have been purchased to protect ‘property’ and ‘resources,’ and ‘capital’ - these symbolize stories of gun violence as currency, capital and the power of stories as wealth.

Exhibition Details:

620 Market Street
Kirkland, WA 98033

(425) 822-7161

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday-Friday, 11 AM-6 PM
Saturday, 11 AM-5 PM
Sunday-Monday, Closed

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday, 9 AM-5 PM

Accepted to Movingworlds Institute!

Carol Rashawnna Williams was accepted to participate in a 6 month transformative, cohort-based international experience that will empower her to make a positive impact on her art career internationally. 


The Institute is a 6-month program for mid-career, high achieving professionals that can easily be combined with a full-time job, sabbatical, or career-break. While some elements are set, many are flexible and can be customized for  busy schedules.


Each cohort starts with a 3-day, in-person immersive and lasts for 6 months.

Holistic programming, including:

  1. In-person immersive 

  2. Ongoing, case-based curriculum

  3. International Experteering project

  4. Weekly virtual calls

  5. Monthly presentations

  6. Ongoing Slack chats

  7. Curated resources

  8. Personal mentoring

  9. Capstone project

  10. Career coaching

Award Winning Artist! Conductive Garboil 2018 Award

The merit of Carol Rashawnna Williams' Artwork wins the esteemed 2018 Conductive Garboil Award,

thru Seattle's Artist Trust & King Counties  4 Culture & the Estate of Su Job


More Info:

Conductive (adjective): having the property or capability of conducting
Garboil (noun, archaic): tumult; disturbance; disorder

Artist awardees will have demonstrated a profound ability to challenge the limits of conductive creative discourse and its effects on our society, pushing the creative act beyond the accepted limits, definitions, or purposes of art while engaging audiences outside the aesthetic industrial complex.

2018 marks the 10-year culmination of Seattle artist Su Job's extraordinary legacy. In its final year, the requirement that the selected artists have a connection to Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood has been eliminated to recognize the need to support worthy artists beyond the neighborhood. All nominated artists must be residents of King County to be eligible for the award.

This grant is administered by The Estate of Su Job, 4Culture,and Artist Trust. 

Europe's COCA: Center of Contemporary Artists: CRW's Artwork has just Gone International!

While in Spain, Carol was personally contacted and requested to apply, then after portfolio review, was selected & recommended into the COCA: Center of Contemporary Artists. 

COCA's  aim is to produce artistic projects, tostimulate the education of professional careers and to establish connections between artists and private collectors.


The selected and recommended artists will have an online membership to develop their international artistic career. Furthermore the profiles of the selected artists will be published online on


COCA's mission is to discover new talents, for Center of Contemporary Artists projects.

COCA's international Consultants & Advisors have artistic and economic experience:


The Advisors of the C.O.C.A PRIZE are experienced professionals in the arts, economics and emerging collectibles.



Economist Art Management | Barcelona, Spain

Laura is dedicated to the world of entrepreneurship and business consulting, based in Barcelona after several years living in Mexico City, Bogotá and Lima.
As part of her research, she develops projects aimed at generating a dialogue between artists and private companies. She explores the creative industry on issues regarding Art’s management in the contemporary social and urban context.



Visual Artist  | Rome, Italy

Leonardo works between Rome and Jerusalem, after having lived for several years in Mexico City and Berlin. His works focus on social issues, in particular on immigration, communication and inequality. These works are part of the projects “THE ABSENCE OF PATHS”, Tunisia pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennale, Italy; 8th CAIRO VIDEO FESTIVAL, Cairo Exhibition, Egypt; ABOVE ACCENTS ACROSS, Exhibition of San Francisco Bay Area Artadia Awardees, San Francisco, USA.



Collector | Zurich, Switzerland

Patrizia is a banker in Switzerland. She and her partner love contemporary art and they love to discover emerging artistists.  They got a private art collection and they collaborate in THE HOUSE OF COLLECTORS and they obtained a great network between collectors and international artists.


The 2018 WINNER receives:

The production of an artistic project of up to € 15,000.00 and a personal exhibition in House of Collectors.

They accept only 120 artists worldwide.

Wish her the best of Karma!  The artwork of Carol Rashawnna Williams' has just  Gone International!

2018 On Exhibition at The SPACE Gallery in Sandpoint

Carol Exhibits 'License' at the SPACE Gallery the month of October 2018

Oct 5, 2018 Art Opening Celebration! Start time is 6pm. 

See you there!

2018 Pacific Place Exhibition

The Artwork of Carol Rashawnna Williams will be on Exhibit the Month of October in a group exhibition at the Onyx fine Arts Gallery in Seattle Pacific Place Mall on the 3rd floor in Downtown Seattle.  The Exhibition will run September 21, 2018 through December 31, 2018.

The name of her artwork is titled 'The Key' and is a direct twist on 'Why the caged bird sings'

We hope that you can join us.

Gallery Onyx is located at -


600 - Pine Street Suite 345

Seattle, WA 98101

Open Hours - Monday - Thursday open by appointment 12 - 6pm

Friday, Saturday and Sunday open to the public 12 - 6pm

2018 International Exhibit #2 - The Segura River

The month of August Carol conducted workshops and traveling  interviews to gain community participation in a 3 citywide art installation featuring stories gathered regarding climate change in the Segura River in Blanca, Murcia and surrounding villages affected by this change.  She gathered stories from old and young and even commissioned 3 young teenagers who grew up In Blanca to interview their family and friends and create monoprints of their stories that then were apart of the installations.  Carol's monoprints were also featured in this community wide installations.  Her artwork featured drawings from her days spent at the river drawing community experiences, researching the Cain that is affecting the river and human devastation due to garbage dumped in the river.


On opening night community members who had participated in the creation of this installations came from far and wide to view their work on display. It was a tremendous turnout with grave reviews and everyone wanting to find their artwork and tell their stories in a community setting. You can vie w the video by clicking on the link.  

2018 International Exhibit #1 - Experiments in Color

The Artwork of Carol goes on exhibit at the AADK, Spain Residency in an open studio exhibition.  This work features mono-prints in the study of texture and color. This experiment was in prep for the full Segura installation to take place the following month in Sept. 

Carol creating fields of color in various textures, bands and shape on pre-prepped paper that would become available for workshop participants to choose and then create their own personal Segura River story, tale or experience via monoprint artwork.

2018 Aug 2 thru Jan 2018 Tamborine Public Art Sculpture Installation

SOOOO Excited!


The Public Art Piece that was accepted by the City of Seattle's Office of Arts & Cultures Seattle Center Sculpture Walk 2018 (to be installed August 2) is coming along so great! See Pics enclosed =)


It's a large 10 foot x 6 foot  African American Tambourine (specifically my mothers from when we used to go to church as a child & I can't wait for her to see it!)'s a statement on how the Tambourine is intrinsic to the African American Pentecostal Church experience, but not traditionally seen as a 'high' or 'official' instrument in Western culture.  It's designed to be interactive, folks will be able to walk under it and 'play' it so to speak... hahaha...


Also, very excited that I have a mtg tonight about my other project I am currently working on here in Spain. It's a ECOART Project designed to be full of community engagement. The focus will be the Segura river and hopefully those Sparrow birds you saw in 1 of the very first videos I posted when I arrived in AADK.


Both are being severely impacted by global warming and climate change, and I want to bring attention to that, and garner community stories of the relationship to both... it's not something that is being talked about here widely. My hope is to also, bring awareness for you all in America too, so do follow this story...


I am also working on these truly gorgeous 'test' subjects: small mono-prints - about identity. This is the first time I have started to add color instead of just black and white and going back in with color. Some are turning out very interesting tho these are just the first layers. I have found that my identity here is very interesting...I just started a blog on my website, and will go in more depth there, but the short is: being a black woman in a town named 'white' town (BLANCA means white) yet being at a residency named 'Negra' which means 'black' AND being the only black person in the entire village has been VERY thought I have been creating work around that too. I have some pretty amazing artist colleagues who have also helped me to expand my ideologies and concepts, very grateful to them for that!


This is for sure turning out to be 1 very surprising year =)

#klove4art #Carolrashawnnawilliams #Blackartist #Seattleartist #Venturecapitalist #artpatrons #supportecoart #supportclimatejusticestewards #supportartistschangingtheworld #art #climatechange #sculpture


2019 - Book Launch May 31st

Come celebrate, purchase art and network at the Book Launch for Carol Rashawnna Williams Biography

The release of 3 books by Artist Carol rashawnna Williams to be released May 2019

2018 Published: Book - Truth B Told, Onyx Group Exhibit 2017 King Street Station

Come Join the Book Launch - Among the top African American Artists in the Pacific Northwest Carol Rashawnna Williams artwork and bio apart of a book published surveying the best of the Pacific Northwest African American Artists.

Purchase your copy now

2018 VALUE ART: Fundraising Campaign - Support Artist Residendcy

Are you a art advocate? 

Do you support African American art practice?

Are you invested in social justice or environmental awareness? 


Then support the art practice of artist Carol Rashawnna Williams!

All funds go to support her artist residency, book launch party and book publication.

Opportunities to give remain open until early 2019

2018 Accepted to Residency in Spain

Carol is going on an artistic adventure to Spain!

The Residency program is a space for experimentation and dialogue where confronting the artists with their ideas and finding the deeper meanings of their work. Process based and focused, we challenge the artists to experiment and take risks, sharing their doubts, and trials.


We invite residents to work at the intersection of art, social sciences, and local communities. Connecting the topics with the context, AADK Spain supports cultural decentralization and access to contemporary art in the rural areas, integrating the town of Blanca and its surroundings in the development of the artworks.

She will be exploring eco-art and experimenting with new techniques that encompass content built around the Sigura River and residents of Blanca. Stay tunes or sign up for her blog, where she will be sharing her experience.

2017 Nominated Finalist for Environmental Artist Award

Carol Rashawnna Williams is nominated Finalist for Environmental Artist Award thru Sustainable Seattle


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2018 KUOW Radio Interview

Carol Rashawnna Williams Speaks about Black Art, environment & climate justice with KUOW.

2018 Ethnic Artist Roster - City of Seattle

Ethnic Artist Roster - City of Seattle

CRW accepted to Artist Roster 

2018 Panel Facilitator Seattle Race Conference

June 9th

Come Join the discussion at the Seattle Race Conference.

Carol convenes leaders in the Seattle art scene and facilitates panel discussion on art, race and environmental  social justice.

2018 Butoh Painting Performance

Carol Paints live at the Butoh Spring Performance at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

2018 Ice Cream Thursday Solo Exhibit

Carol Exhibits in the Central District Month of April

2018 'Redifing Black Art' Artist Talks

Come Join a conversation about 'Black Art'

Visual Artist Carol Rashawnna Williams & Writer Beverly Aarons invite you to join in on a public conversation about the state of black art.

2018 Public Art Proposal Accepted for Seattle Center Sculpture Walk

Carol's proposal for the Sculpture walk, a 9 month installation, has been accepted, to be installed August 2, 2018, the Fall of 2018.

This is my mothers tambourine that resembles tambourines African American Pentecostal Churches. Carol decided to take her mothers tambourine and create heritage out of it and propose to have it installed at the Seattle Science Center.


Why is this important? In symphonies, orchestras and bands in America, how often do you see tambourines used? It's not considered a 'traditional' instrument. This piece will ask participants to question their historical connection to music.

2018 Accepted Seattle Office of Arts & Culture Public Art Boot Camp

Accepted to the City of Seattle's Office of Arts & Culture's 2 Day Intensive Public Art Boot Camp

2018 'The Large Works' Solo Exhibiton

Solo Exhibition of the Large Artworks by Carol Rashawnna Williams

Tashiro Kaplan Artists Lofts

Month of February

2018 'The Conquest of Nature' Solo Exhibition at Seattle University

Seattle Climate Resilience Summit - Carol Rashawnna Williams has a solo exhibition of her 'Conquest of Nature' series.

2018 'We Almost Didn't Make It' Group Exhibition

Co-Founder of ARTifACTS Artist collection, Carol Rashawnna Williams exhibits at CoCa 

2017 'Together We Rise Exhibition'

Curated Group Exhibition by Artist Carol Rashawnna Williams who brings together exemplary artists of color  in Seattle together for an exhibition, highlighting some amazing talent together in one experience.

2017 'POWER' Panel Descussion at Seattle Design Festival

'POWER' Panel Descussion at Seattle Design Festival

2017 Seattle Design Festival Installation

Co-Founder of ARTifACTS artist collective, Carol Rashawnna Williams installs her 'Healing Forest' at the Seattle Design Festival. As lead artist on this project, Carol came up with the conceptual design.

The Healing Forest is an opportunity for community to reflect on the loss of African American life at the hands of the police. We encourage you to place an ARTifACT for others to experience on, near or in the path of the Healing Forest.

2017 Creative Advantage

Are you looking for an art teacher thru the Creative Advantage?

Accepted to the Office of Arts and Cultures Creative Advantage you can find out here more about this amazing opportunity: 

2017 Historic Central Area Arts & Cultural District

Carol Rashawnna Williams contracted as the consultant lead to further the vision and mission of the Historic Central Area Arts & Cultural District as the new Program Administrator.

The Mission is to preserve African/African American Legacy, Place and Vitality in the Central Area of Seattle, WA

We a currently seeking Members come join us!

2017 Gallery 110 Director

You can now find Carol at Gallery 110 most days as the New Director. 

She works to assist emerging artists in everything art: exhibiting, marketing, prepping work and just understanding the Seattle Art Scene. Come on by and say hi, or just purchase some art!


2017 Out of Sight Exhibit

Selected to exhibit in the Out of Sight Exhibition, Carol's work will be on display with many other artists in a survey of the best artists of the Pacific Northwest. 

2017 Mono-Print Classes at Coyote Central

Carol Rashawnna Williams Teaches Mono-Print Art Classes at Coyote Central 

Based on the book by David Wade, Li: Dynamic Form

Carol Rashawnna Williams & Beverly Naidus teach Highly Engaged Art Workshop

Identity: A Shift in Paradigm

What defines you? What defines Culture? What seeds are sewn for future generations to garden? In this workshop explore various identities given, seen, selected, chosen and transformed through mask making.  In this group activity  explore Identity as ARTifACTs through the age old tradition of mask making, stories and group engagement. This highly engaged workshop asks you to step out of your comfort zone to analyze the various labels, perceptions and assumptions either raised with or witnessed. In this process you will have the opportunity to envision a new identity paradigm by creating a vision board mask that reflects the society you want to see.

2017 Climate Warrior Mask Making and Play Based Workshop

Carol Rashawnna Williams & Camella Cooper to Co-Facilitate 

Climate Warrior Mask Making and Play Based Workshop

Come Find & Articulate

Your Environmental Passion thru the Art of Mask Making and Interactive Art Based Play Activites

2017 Art Rising Lake Union Exhibition

Carol Rashaqwnna Williams launches an interactive art installation at 1ST Annual Lake Union  Art Rising

May 2017

2017 Exhibits at City of Seattle's Ethnic Heritage Gallery

Visual Artist Carol Rashawnna Williams Exhibits at City of Seattle's Ethnic Heritage Gallery in Group Show 


April 12 - July 10, 2017

Opening Reception April 13, 2017

2017 What Does Home Mean to You?

Carol Rashawnna Williams Teaches Hit The Streets at 

Coyote Central

Topic Content: 'What does HOME mean to You?'  

Carol facilitated the making of a door installation with 15 young people.

July  2017

2017 Accepted Group Exhibit Phinney Gallery

Artist Carol Rashawnna Williams ACCEPTED to Exhibit Group Show at Phinney Gallery

May 2017

2017 Movie Facilitation: I am Not Your Negro

Carol Rashawnna Williams with Beverly Naidus

Conducts/Facilitates  I am Not Your Negro Movie conversation in Tacoma, WA

March 2017

2017 Workshop: Equity in Washington’s Carbon Tax Proposal



Carol Rashawnna Williams Co-Founder of Race & Climate Justice

March Event: 

March 27 2017

Interactive event with guests Sameer Randade and Rashad Barber from the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy.

We hope to see you there!


Equity in Washington’s Carbon Tax Proposal
Monday March 27th
6:00-8:30 pm 
King St Center, 201 S Jackson St, 8th floor conference room

Come learn about the proposed carbon tax legislation HB 1646 from guest speakers from the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, in an interactive space with openings for your stories, suggestions, and questions. We look forward to you joining us in this process.
“This comprehensive bill addresses carbon pollution while creating jobs, investing in clean energy, and positioning WA state to be a leader on climate change”.

Understanding and talking about HB 1646 and the complimentary Senate Bill 5509 to as many people in our lives as possible, gives us the chance to support the women, children and men most affected by climate change. We lend our support to ensure that the voices most often silenced by the effects of racism are heard and at the center.

Free! Donations will be accepted to cover costs.


2017 African Mask Making



Carol Rashawnna Williams Teaches African Mask Making at Seattle Public Schools with 4th and 5th Graders Feb 2017



Carol R Williams Exhibits her new 4 part series 'Extinction of the Black Woman' and the 'Forest: Extinction of Species' Large Mono-Print Installation at the newly renovated King Street Station through Onyx Fine Arts 12th Annual Exhibit.

Opening Reception: Sunday January 8, 2017 1-4pm MORE INFO

2016 Auction Event

Donates commissioned artwork to Coyote Central Annual Auction

2016 Race and Climate Justice


Race & Climate Justice

Carol Rashawnna Williams

Co-Founder of Race & Climate Justice Facilitates Global Stories of Environmental Impact


2016 August & September SOLO ART SHOW

Exhibition at the Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center

First Solo Show in 3 years!


Exhibits NEW large scale mono-print, work that explores Race, Climate and Social Justice. Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center has become a fertile ground for artists to create, teach and  become active agents within the Georgetown community.  Presently the Center houses 17 professional artists and hosts special events and gallery openings.  The Center participates in the Georgetown Art Attack/Artwalk every 2nd Saturday  from 6-9pm.


5809 1/2 Airport Way S.
Seattle WA, 98108
(206) 851-1538


More INFO:

2016 Tashiro Kaplan Poster/Flyer Design

In collaboration with TK artist designs Open House Posters

2016 Young Leaders Art Apprenticeship

The Launch of K-Love 4 Art's Young Leaders Art Apprenticeship in collaboration with the City of Seattle's Youth Employment

2016 Commissioned by Seattle Times Newspaper



Commissioned by Seattle Times Newspaper Artist Carol R Williams completes the Emerald City Pumpkin created after interviewing her daughter who stated 'the Walking Dead is really scary!' and gaining inspiration from Seattle Playwright Ed Mast.  The pumpkin was selected out of 8 artists to be featured on the cover of the Halloween 2016 Arts & Culture Section. 

2016 Mask Making



Carol Rashawnna Williams

Teaches Mask Making at Summit High School, Seattle, WA thru Coyote Central

2016 Carol R Williams Teaches at GAGE Academy of Art



Carol Rashawna Williams
Explore the age old art of mono-printing (the oldest form of printmaking) with a new contemporary twist. In this class, students will learn to use brayers, acrylic paint and black paper to create amazing works of original art.

2016 Solo Art Exhibit



Solo Exhibit at Georgetown Cultural Arts Center - Large Scale Mono-Print series: 'ARTifACTS from the future'

2016 Coyote Central Umoja Parade Hero Masks



Carol Rashawnna Williams teaches large scale mask making at Coyote Central, masks featured in the Umoja Parade

2016 Family Day Seattle Art Museum Sculpture Park

Carol Rashawnna Williams commissioned to design interactive art installation for Women of Color Speak Out event 

'Fishing Net - Explores Environmental Impacts'

2016 Interviewed by Sessions of She



Carol R Williams Interviewed by Sessions of She

2016 Grand Opening of the new Studio Gallery Space

                         K-Love 4 Art is having a party to celebrate the

Grand Opening of the new Studio Gallery Space

August  4 & 5, 2016


K-Love 4 Art's


          Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts Lofts

Day 1:

8/4/16: Opening Day

6-8pm - Free Mono-Print Class

Learn the fine art of Mono-print &

make your own unique piece of artwork

8-10pm Studio Gallery Open

for Viewing with

Guest Artist Exhibit

6 -10pm - First Thursday Open Studio

Day 2:

8/5/16: Celebration Day

6-7pm - Guest Artist & Cultural Agent

1 on 1 Interview

7-9pm - Studio Gallery Open for Viewing with Guest Artist Exhibit
9-Midnight (or until its over!) Party Celebration & other Art Events

Come Celebrate with us in our amazing new space and our Newly Acquired 501c3 Status!
Donations Gladly Accepted

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