Plague of Healing


K-Love 4 Art


klove4art@gmail.com - Contact: Carol Rashawnna Williams 


Event Title/Name: In the Time of Healing…

Location:  Jimi Hendrix Park Outdoors

Event Date: Aug 29, 2020


Event Start Time: 11:00am

Performance Start Time: 1:30pm - This will be apart of a larger Sustainable Seattle, RISE Cohort event; ‘In the Time of Healing’ - with four other BIPOC artists working within Indigenous healing, food sovereignty, and racial justice. The larger event starts at 11am.


Event End: 3pm


PERFORMANCE - ‘PLAGUE of HEALING’ Performance participation:

Start time 1:30pm - to participate, arrive at 12:30pm

Streaming: live on IG & FB (more info to come!)

Event Websites: https://www.rashawnna-at-klove4art.com/




BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community

Campaign Investment Website:



Venmo: @carolrashawnna

The Plague of Healing:








A Social Sculpture Art Performance A Fundraising Platform to fund and launch the BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community/ Campaign


About the plague of healing:

This Social Sculpture Experiment is an Art Action Performance Piece that was designed and created by Pacific Northwest artist Carol Rashawnna Williams and came about due to Covid 19, displacement, gentrification and the murders of black and brown bodies/people in America.


Many artists, customers, playwrights, architects, videographers, musicians, photographers, donors and organizations have come together in a mass effort to produce, support and participate in this 6’ distanced, double masked, public outdoor art performance.  Thank you to each and everyone of you who has made this project come to fruition.


The Future is now. The solution is here.


To solve these challenges that face our nation we must stand together to find ways to listen, express, create, build, envision and heal together when traditional indoor spaces may no longer be normal to hangout in.


This Plague of Healing performance is here to remind the collective imaginations of the world that we know what is truly possible, when we stand toghether.


This Performance is designed to be replicated anywhere, at marches, protests, walking peacefully down the street with maybe four or five other folks who also are wearing the hoodie and mask.


Carry the plague anywhere!

Even just two people can be a plague everywhere!



● Purchase your hoodie and plague mask set ($60). All income from the project will go toward the BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community Campaign.

● More a DIY type? You can spread the Plague too! Make your own

hoodies, costumes, yard signs, fences, etc. branded with the “Plague of Healing”, If you do so, please donate to the BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Campaign for the original idea.


About the BIPOC Sustainable Tiny Art House Community Campaign:


40 Acres & Mule? How about equity in some land?

Gentrification and Displacement? How bought investment in building sustainable, clean, green, off-grid communities?

Artists of Color locked out of Seattle due to unaffordable rent?

How bought invest in ownership instead?


Always seeking volunteers! email. klove4art@gmail.com



BUY your gear Today!





Invest Here:

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Our Hoodies are locally sourced & printed, by Seattle Business. 

They Come in One Size XXL.

Labels are handmade & painted by local artisans and costumers, who assure our labels are attached securely, and for the long haul.


Masks are Made in USA and our signs

are forged with love via volunteers here in your backyard.

Black Led & Owned.




Hoodie Costume Purchases

go directly to fund the BIPOC

Sustainable Tiny Art House Community Campaign