Are You My Twin?

The Twin Flame vs the Soul Mate...
Life lessons come in many containers and are the hardest to learn.

Soul mates come when you least expect them and transform your life in ways totally unexpected.

That's what happened to me. I know I have had many soul mates on this planet, but I have never had a twin flame until recently. I was caught off guard, unexpected and it came in the form of a chance meeting.

Before this encounter, I had never heard of the term 'twin flame' and had always used the word soul mate in reference to relationships. It wasn't until I came across my twin flame did I even find that word, because the attraction was so intense that I started to research the topic of soul mates, and the word twin flames popped up all over the place. The attraction between us was like river to the ocean and it took me on a discovery of self awakening both thru tragedy and gratefulness.

If you have ever met your twin flame then you know what I am talking about.

We constantly mirrored each other all the time, like we were constantly on the same wavelength. We had clear moments of empathic abilities, him reading my mind and me reading his even when we were miles apart. I had this strange feeling from the start of our relationship that I had known him in previous life times, like his heart was home to me. It was very disconcerting and at the time I couldn't understand any of what was occurring. It was like we were attracted to each other and repelled by each other all at the same time. There was this foreboding energy that I just did not know how to explain. I called it love on a level that I had never felt before, but I soon found out after doing massive amounts of research that we had been trying to make our relationship work for centuries if not since the start of time. What is the difference between twin flames and soul mates?

According to:,souls%20that%20are%20extraordinarily%20linked.

'The main difference is the idea that twin flames are two halves of the same eternal whole, where soul mates are not. While twin flames are thought to be one soul split into two bodies, soul mates are simply two separate souls that are extraordinarily linked.'

This makes a break up particularly difficult, because you feel like a piece of you is gone. How does one move on? How does one grow the other in a connection like this if you are the same on so many levels? We had the same life story, grew up outside of this country, came here as children, were abused as kids, and loved many of the same things. When the energy in our relationship became too much for either of us the other would run. We were constantly chasing one another in an effort to find ourselves. At the time I thought I would be with him forever. I thought that we would build a life together under any circumstance and that the love we had was true and genuine. At the time I thought I was the only person he had ever felt that way about and that he would never leave me. I thought that I could love all his faults the way I've learned to except my own. But in the end our relationship was just too much for him. The energy between us was just to scary. Now I understand. It's been so challenging to get through.

For me meditation is the center of pain. Meditation has helped me to center what the universe desires of me not what man wants from me. Meditation keeps me linked to my Divine source of love and in moments when our disagreements were so strong I look back and realize that I was not meditating and centered, and neither was he. Often, I think what could have been if we had both been centered at the same time, if we had been okay with each other learning to grow together through our faults and misguiding's from other people. That too is a part of the twin flame journey, letting go of what other people think about the two of you together, as a lot of my friends did not like him.

Walks, nature and photography have been a strong guiding force that has helped me to recover from such a powerful connection, though I am not sure currently if I ever will. They say you can build your own happiness with or without another, but why would anybody want to? My journey on this earth has been fraught with many challenges, pain and turmoil, yet this was the one relationship that helped me truly see all the bad and all the good in me...and that's the definition of 'Twin Flame.' It put me on a spiritual path that I would otherwise not have had the guts to charter.


Being grateful I met you.

I learned so many things, that you changed in me.

You grew me up and made me see myself.

At times you were my muse, and I hope you know that I loved you.

The number one thing I learned is that nobodies actions, words or intentions will ever control my reaction again.