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About Radical Hope Blog

WELCOME! To the Radical Hope Blog.

This space is a public forum where Artist Carol Rashawnna Williams critiques categories on the following:

1. Radical Hope:

Shifting theoretical paradigms, mental models and everyday experiences from one of radical despair to one of radical hope, enlightenment and courage to shift our world view and make positive pro-active change in this world that we inhabit.

Radical hope is about acknowledging that each individual holds the power to be an engaged citizen, an engaged force in the world and holds individual power to create community contagion within their own personal acts of kindness and awareness of the self.

2. Inspiration:

Images, experiences, ideas , concepts and people who inspire me to be my best self and that inspire me to walk in this world so that I too may inspire others to be their best selves.

3. Artist Talks & Interviews:

Studio visits, contributing blog posts & conversations with current and contemporary artists.

4. Exhibits & Events:

Outings, reflections and critical analysis of the contemporary and historical art world.

5. Making the Cut:

The Professional Artist; Critique on technical & transferrable skills, networking, website & marketing, shifting from this 'or' that mentality to this '&' that philosophies - basically diving deep into what it takes to be a successful artist in todays art market by defining what success looks like to you.

6. Critical Contagion:

Investing in community by diving deep into topics of race, social justice, environment and economy. Centering art, artistic practice and art philosophies (not just science, math and technology) at the heart of these topics to assist in moving the world thru our relationships with climate change.

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